To the Grammar Police: Are You Worthy of Your Title? Take the Test and See!

Don’t you hate it when someone corrects you spelling and grammar on Twitter and Facebook?

Me too! There are plenty of times when people are on social media sites typing statuses and updates and lo and behold they have made a spelling error! Most of the time it’s because of that darn auto-correct aka T9 on your mobile device.


What’s even more annoying are those people that point it out after you already realized your mitsake.

I know it’s mistake. I’m being funny. See what I did there?

The question is though are they able to legitimately call you our on your grammar?

Here’s a fun way to humble that annoying Facebook friend brought to you buy Staples. See if they can get a 100%. If they can just block them from your Facebook profile and have a great day!

Click image to open interactive version (via

Now trick or treat that! In your face!

What score did you get? Share on the Facebook or on Twitter!

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