Tiara Thomas Release Solo Version of “Bad” While Wale Releases the Remix featuring the Bad Girl Herself, Rihanna

Tiara Thomas (hiphop-n-more.com)
Wale and Rihanna (RollingOut.com)

Bad,” the song everyone loves to grind the one they love to (or the one next to them while intoxicated at the club/lounge), has been a hit song for months on the radio so it’s no surprise that a remix was coming. After months of anticipation the single has two new versions being released.

The first is the original solo version that newbie Tiara Thomas wrote  for herself. In the beginning she is singing the chorus to Trillville’s “Some Cut.” It kind of threw me off at first but then it started to get better after that.

The second version is Wale rapping with RiRi on the remix. It sound like her single “Loveeeeeee Song” with Future. I’m not sure, but it seems like she may be referring to Chris Brown on this one (as most of her songs seem to do, but I digress…).

I’m not gonna lie. I was feeling the second one a bit more, but the original one is the best to me.

Which one do you like the best?

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