SiR Takes Us Back to “King of the Hill” with Video for “John Redcorn”

SiR is taking us back with his new music video, John Redcorn.

The single from his Chasing Summer album pays homage to the Fox sitcom, King of the Hill, focusing on the character John in which the song is titled for.

According to (and co-signed by Sir):

In a 2000 episode titled “Nancy Boys,” John’s white love interest Nancy ends their 14-year affair, ultimately deciding to commit to her marriage, despite being in love with Redcorn. Incidentally, John is also the biological father of Nancy’s son, but this doesn’t affect her decision to protect what essentially amounts to an unhappy home life.

SiR uses the dramatic backstory from this long-running sitcom in order to once again emphasize the album’s theme of being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the right person.


In the video directed by Daniel Russell and Dominic Polcino, SiR is John Redcorn who is dealing with the heartbreak of news reporter Nancy.

The group, Black Hippy (Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, JayRock, and Schoolboy Q), makes an appearance as well as a rendition of Hank Hill and the gang drinking by the fence.

See the animated video below:

The animators (Ryan Agustin, Chloe Stewart, Nina Boyce, and Shelby Nelson) did an awesome job at capturing the nostalgia of the Fox show while giving it a fresh new spin.

Overall this video is dope AF!

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