Beyoncé Releases Single “Grown Woman” After Much Anticipation

I know some of the Beyhive were getting anxious (some even irritated) with anticipation, but it is finally here! Beyoncé finally releases the full version of her song “Grown Woman.” No longer do you need to replay her Pepsi commercial or catch her perform the song on her Mrs. Carter tour fan video clips throughout YouTube. Everyone can finally relax. The song is produced by Timbaland (of course! Can’t you tell by that sick beat?) and co-written by the Dream (he is doing big things for Beyoncé and Kelly in 2013 right? Yaaaaaaas honey! *in my Mariah Huq voice*)

Beyoncé is a “Groooooown Woman” these days! She is a wife, mother, and her own boss. She is letting everyone know, hater or fan. Check it out below:


Rebel Wilson Gets Her Own Show

I love seeing Rebel Wilson on TV! Just the other day I was watching Bachelorette and spotted her. The actress known for her roles in Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect, will finally get to have us laughing every week in her own show Super Fun Night.

The show is about three geeky best friends that decided to go out and have a great time every Friday night. It is produced by Conan O’Brien and Wilson. She also serves as a writer for the show.

From her awkward moments at work to being stripped down to flashing heart undies, this is sure to be an entertaining show.

Super Fun Night will air on ABC this fall on Wednesday nights.

To see more new shows coming out this fall, check out Entertainment Tonight.

Beyoncé’s Uncle Gives Some of His Insight on Her and the Rumors About Her

Beyoncé and her family are usually quiet about her personal business. All that seemed to change (just a little) when she released her HBO documentary, Life is but a Dream, in February earlier this year. Somehow Celebuzz was able to reach out to her uncle, Larry Beyince, and talk about rumors surrounding her about a second baby, Blue, Jay Z, and her father. Maybe 2013 is the year to let it all hang out!

Check out the interview here:

On The Rumor That Beyoncé Is Pregnant Again…

“I have no idea. I haven’t heard nothing, except that she’s on tour.

“Even then [when she was pregnant with Blue Ivy] she tried to keep everything secret like it’s a really big deal. She didn’t want everyone to know.

“She did tell me she wants to have more, but I didn’t know how fast. I think now would be too soon. She just had one and she needs time to really raise that baby.”

On The Meaning Of Blue Ivy…

“Ivy is for the Roman numeral No. 4. Beyoncé’s birthday is on the 4th, she got married on the 4th and her mother’s birthday is on the 4th. So it’s got meaning to her.

“I’ll speak to her [Blue] on the phone. She likes to watch cartoons and Sesame Street. She told me ‘hi’ and ‘dog’ and ‘moo’ and ‘meow’ and ‘woof woof.’ And then she just said ‘bye bye.’

On Beyoncé Before Becoming Mrs. Jay-Z…

“He was after her and she wasn’t. She told me she wasn’t too particularly fond of him.

“I would see him with her and pictures of them, I heard rumors they were together and she told me ‘no.’ You know how women get that look like ‘eww.’ I guess she wasn’t attracted to him.

“But as long as he treats her well and makes her happy, that’s all I ever wanted. He’s okay with me.”

On Beyoncé Getting Married…

“I was surprised she married him. I think she got tired of being alone. When you have as much money as she does she has to be careful about people wanting her for her money. And apparently he had as much as she had.

“I don’t think the family cared. Just that whatever he’s doing he’s making money [and] made it okay.”

On Beyoncé’s Father Mathew Knowles…

“I wasn’t surprised she fired him [as her manager]. I’m glad, actually.

“I know he was getting 20 percent of whatever she made, and from what I know he wasn’t doing much for her. All I knew is that he wanted her to be famous and rich so he could be rich.

“One reason I was glad she got married is because she was no longer under her dad’s control. He is a control freak.”

On Beyoncé’s Early Rise To Fame…

“She didn’t want to be famous. She just wanted to be a normal child. She loved to watch cartoons and be with her friends.

“She was forced into singing.

“It took away her whole childhood. Everything was geared toward being famous. She used to get angry at [her father] a lot for taking away her childhood. That affected her.

“I would prefer she was just my little niece, but she’s a lot better off than most women.”

Is it me or does it seem that no one in the Beyince clan is fond of Matthew Knowles?

What do you think?

Wade Robson Claims He Was Molested By Michael Jackson. Taj Jackson Calls Robson’s Claim Crap Due to His Own Molestation Experience.

After all of these years since the famous MJ molestation case, there is a new “victim” trying to get some sympathy coins.

Dancer/Actor Wade Robson claims that he was molested by Michael Jackson years ago as a child  (You may remember seeing him in the movie You Got Served).Sources close to the case claim that Robson suffers from repressed memory causing him to miss the deadline on filing a creditors claim towards the estate. He was a guest to Neverland Ranch, stopping by frequently from age 7-14 Continue reading “Wade Robson Claims He Was Molested By Michael Jackson. Taj Jackson
Calls Robson’s Claim Crap Due to His Own Molestation Experience.”

Kanye Debuts Another New Single “Black Skinhead” on SNL

Say what you want about Kanye West. One thing for sure is he knows how to market his craft. Almost 24 hours after debuting his song “New Slaves” on projectors around the world in different cities, Kanye dropped another single “Black Skinhead” tonight on SNL (Saturday Night Live for the acronym-challenged folks) where he was the guest performer. Ben Affleck was the host.

Both songs are to be on his sixth album entitled “Yeezus.”

I Can’t! *Taps palm on forehead*

It was different. A lot of yelling and screaming (Screamo music) but the message was still there. I guess the old Kanye isn’t coming back full throttle just yet. It is nice to get to see the nostalgia in small doses though… *Kanye shrug*

See last night’s episode here.

Kelly Talks about Abuse and Jealousy Towards Beyoncé in New Track “Dirty Laundry”

Kelly Rowland is letting it all hang out to dry with her newest track for her upcoming album, Talk a Good Game. The new single, “Dirty Laundry” is a very emotional track that talks about her jealousy towards Beyoncé at one point in time as well as a past abusive relationship with a former ex.

Her testimony single produced by the Dream is out and causing shock waves dishing on the secrets of the mega star. In the song she mentions how she was a little envious of Beyoncé’s stardom, but was kind of glad she was in the shadows to hide the abuse going on to her at one point of her career. It also mentions how Bey helped her get out of her domestic violence situation.

Many believed that it was Kelly’s ex fiance Roy Williams, but he shut that down A.S.A.P.

According to Williams, Nelly’s manager/bodyguard Cudda Love, is the ex involved.

Check out the lyrics here from Lyrics Freaks:

Let’s do this dirty laundry, this dirty laundry
Let’s do this dirty laundry, this dirty laundry
When you’re soaked in tears for years, it never airs out
When you make pain look this good it never wears out
This dirty laundry, this dirty laundry

[Verse 1]
While my sister was on stage, killing it like a motherf***er
I was enraged, feeling it like a motherf***er
Bird in a cage, you would never know what I was dealing with
Went out separate ways, but I was happy she was killing it
Bittersweet, she was up, I was down
No lie, I feel good for her, but what do I do now?
Forget the records
Off the record, I was going through some bullshit
Post-survivor, she on fire, who wanna hear my bullshit?
Meanwhile, this n*gga putting his hands on me
I swear y’all don’t know the half of this industry


[Verse 2]
And it’s almost been a decade
I’m behind them black shades
Roll up like it’s all good, right up out that Escalade
Fix my make-up, “get it together, Kelly, get it together”
Then we make up, “well get it together, n*gga, get it together”
Kinda lucky, I was in her shadow
Phone call from my sister, “what’s the matter?”
She said, “Oh no, baby – you gotta leave! ”
I’m on the kitchen floor – he took the keys
I was mad at everybody, I mean everybody
Yeah, her, her, her her everybody
Five years later, I got my shit down pat
Think I had it good, and they don’t know how bad
Fooled everybody, except myself
Soaking in this hurt, bathing in the dirt


[Verse 3]
So here I am in the spin cycle
We’re comin and we’re goin
Nobody can know this
And I was trapped in his house, lyin’ to my mama
Thought it could get no worse as we maximize the drama
Started to call them people on him
I was battered
He hittin the window like it was me, until it shattered
He pulled me out, he said, “Don’t nobody love you but me
Not your mama, not your daddy and especially not Bey”
He turned me against my sister
I missed ya


Peep the Song here:

What do you think about the song?

Kanye West Debuts “New Slaves” Video on 66 Buildings in 6 Countries

Just when you thought you were going to hear another materialistic song about the money, cars, clothes and the h*** from another rapper, Kanye West drops some knowledge on his fans with a sick beat.

I guess rapping in Paris did Yeezy some good. “New Slaves” is the newest track coming from his upcoming album. The controversial song covers topics from racism to the mentality that African Americans have when it comes to wanting materials things instead of fundamentals to progress. To market the new song Kanye had the video projected on 66 buildings in six countries. Some of the locations include the Prada 5th Avenue Store in New York, Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada as well as Wrigley Field in his hometown Chicago, IL.


No wonder why he’s been pissed every time the media comes toward his and attacking his character. I’m sure someone is going to try to have something negative to say about the song, but I am loving it! Peep the lyrics here.

Kerry Washington Knows How to Drop It Down Low!

I see you Ms. Washington! Kerry Washington was in attendance for the premiere of her new movie, Peeples. She was wearing a beautiful gown by Narciso Rodriguez. After the movie was the after party and I didn’t see this one coming from the woman behind Olivia Pope.

The after party got really crazy for the Scandal star. 

TMZ has clip of the actress getting down and getting her eagle on with co-star Craig Robinson. I thought it was cute.
Check it out below:

What did you all think?

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Janelle Monáe’s New Single Q.U.E.E.N. featuring Erykah Badu

Janelle Monáe is back with new music with her latest single Q.U.E.E.N.  featuring Erykah Badu. With two of my favorite artist together on this funky smooth beat with a hint of jazz I know that this has to reach #1 on billboards list sometime in the next few weeks. The video, directed by Allen Ferguson, is finally released now as well.

Keeping with the theme of her last album, The ArchAndroid, Janelle along with her Wonderland Crew and her accomplice Badula Oblongata are captured rebels put on display at the Living Museum for creating music with meaning also known as the “Q.U.E.E.N. Project.” They are then freed and let loose in this fun yet symbolic video.

Check it out here:
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New Baby Doll Toy Can Birth Its Own Fetus Plus a Pic of My Bundle of Joy!

I haven’t done a post in a while due to the fact that I was preparing to have my daughter. My husband has been asking when I was going to post something new. Well she’s finally here and she is a smart, healthy, and beautiful three week old! I’m going to have a proud parent moment so I’m going to show her off to you all right here!


Now being a new mommy, I have been shocked with all the craziness that parents are going through. As I was randomly checking out my Facebook, the most random thing popped up that just through me for a loop and I just had to do some research on it!

For those of you that think that the end is near, this news I am about to tell you may confirm it. Remember when parents were outraged when the pregnant Midge Barbie Doll came out? Well now doll designer Darren Cullen has taken it to another level with a pregnant baby doll.

Yep…a BABY DOLL!!!

Cullen’s controversial work of art will be on display at the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art from October 26th to January 12th for the “Moral Holiday” show. There is also a doll that carries twins as well.

With all of the debate going on about his inspiration for the doll, he put this on his website:

It seems like the majority of news websites covering this have misunderstood my intentions and decided I’m making a comment on reality tv shows exploiting teen pregnancies. I’m not. It’s about the way these toys intrinsically train girls to have and care for children while they are still only children themselves.

I guess in a sense he is right. Little girls are subliminally trained to care and nurture children when parents buy these types of toys for them. Honestly I never had that maternal urge as a child. I had a few dolls but I was more of a race car girl when I was younger. Some of these girls get a little too obsessed and are determined  to have the real thing. I see on Maury and the Steve Wilkos Show all the time.

Hopefully this doll won’t be on the shelves at your local toy store anytime soon. I could only imagine how baby fever would escalate among preteens!

 In the words of Kanye and Jay Z:


That Ish Kray!!!