Not for the Kids! Rihanna Finally Reveals “Pour It Up” Video One Year Later

Rihanna has finally dropped a video for her hit single “Pour It Up” today and let me just say I don’t think that watching this at work is a good idea…


The delayed video comes after it hit the radio station airwaves over a year ago. rihanna_pouritup_instagramRihanna_Pour_It_Up_Screenshot

Side Note: Anybody else get that Joseline Hernandez vibe with the short curly blonde hair she’s rockin?



The video was supposed to be dropped a few months ago when she was filming in different strip clubs for the original concept of the video. However her and the director, Vincent Haycock, went there separate ways due to “creative differences” (catch that here).

I really don’t know what to say about this one. I guess to Rihanna all I can say is do you boo…do you!

Peep the peepshow below.

Are you feeling it or could she have kept that video on the shelf?

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