New Baby Doll Toy Can Birth Its Own Fetus Plus a Pic of My Bundle of Joy!

I haven’t done a post in a while due to the fact that I was preparing to have my daughter. My husband has been asking when I was going to post something new. Well she’s finally here and she is a smart, healthy, and beautiful three week old! I’m going to have a proud parent moment so I’m going to show her off to you all right here!


Now being a new mommy, I have been shocked with all the craziness that parents are going through. As I was randomly checking out my Facebook, the most random thing popped up that just through me for a loop and I just had to do some research on it!

For those of you that think that the end is near, this news I am about to tell you may confirm it. Remember when parents were outraged when the pregnant Midge Barbie Doll came out? Well now doll designer Darren Cullen has taken it to another level with a pregnant baby doll.

Yep…a BABY DOLL!!!

Cullen’s controversial work of art will be on display at the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art from October 26th to January 12th for the “Moral Holiday” show. There is also a doll that carries twins as well.

With all of the debate going on about his inspiration for the doll, he put this on his website:

It seems like the majority of news websites covering this have misunderstood my intentions and decided I’m making a comment on reality tv shows exploiting teen pregnancies. I’m not. It’s about the way these toys intrinsically train girls to have and care for children while they are still only children themselves.

I guess in a sense he is right. Little girls are subliminally trained to care and nurture children when parents buy these types of toys for them. Honestly I never had that maternal urge as a child. I had a few dolls but I was more of a race car girl when I was younger. Some of these girls get a little too obsessed and are determined  to have the real thing. I see on Maury and the Steve Wilkos Show all the time.

Hopefully this doll won’t be on the shelves at your local toy store anytime soon. I could only imagine how baby fever would escalate among preteens!

 In the words of Kanye and Jay Z:


That Ish Kray!!!


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