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I have a confession. I am a YouTube junkie. I love to see funny videos. They make up for my “lack of cable” in my apartment (The Diary of a College Student!). I came across a few that are hilarious
Deshawn Raw

I can’t stop giggling at all the videos I see by Deshawn Raw. The first one I saw was the rap battle parody with Mr. Supa Hot Fire who is “not a rapper” dominating the battle for a win. After that I had to keep clicking. His skits are hilarious. He hails from California. He has the cutest accent and face too. You just want to pinch his cheeks! To see more his videos click here.
Who knew you could keep it real and still be hilarious? @SpokenReasons that’s who. My friend showed me a video about his view on people’s extended facebook names and I was hooked. From Soulja Boy to Amber Cole, he addresses issues that make you laugh and think at the same time. I like his style of delivery as well. One person. One camera. Great editing. I could not stop laughing at the Soulja Boy parady though. As you watch, peep the BET tattoo! That was the touch that got me. See more of his videos here.

Every S*** _________ Say.
From sorority girls to men , they are all right on point on stuff that they say. Here’s two of them:
S*** Bougie Black Girls Say
S*** Sorority Girls Say
I could go on and on. Just wanted to share some funny videos. 
Check them out. Subscribe to their channels. Comment. 
What are your favorite YouTube videos?
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