Mama Dee and Her Spelling…SMH! B-I-C-T-H…In the Wrong Order!

Just when you thought Mama Dee couldn’t get any crazier. Last night’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was the talk of all the social networks. Aside from JoMiVie triangle, we all discover that the oldest cast member apparently wasn’t the spelling bee champ in school. While Scrappy was trying to get some advice from his mother about getting back with Erica or moving forward with Shay, his mother had no problem telling him how she feels about the situation. Mama Dee is still upset that Erica didn’t go with Scrappy to the hospital. She repeatedly called Erica a b—- and attempted to “spell out” her point.


I find this to be a big contradiction on Mama Dee’s part. How can you tell your son not to let Stevie J disrespect the mother of your child, but you do? From watching the show we can see that Scrappy is a drama king and we all can see his lies and manipulating tactics that he uses on all three of the women in his life. I need for him to get it together and his mother to stop giving him advice. He is better off writing to the Dear Abby section in the newspaper. As for his mother, stop hovering over him and step up your vocabulary game.

“Ya Heard Me and In That Order!”

Also I thought I’d thought I would throw in an extra laugh for someone today. Check out this cartoon parody  from youtube:

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