Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Side Chick Mary Jane Is Cool With Being “The Other Woman” in New Single + Plus Full Episode

I knew this was coming…

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For those of you that have been watching #LHHATL the last two weeks, you may be aware of Kirk’s “free pass” threesome with wannabe rapper Mary Jane and another woman for the world to see on this “reality” show.

Yep. You just saw Bambi swapping spit with Benzino on there too.


Anywho, the self proclaimed side chick is back on the scene (she was also linked Shaq and accused him of stalking her) and basking in her extra 15 minutes of fame. She released a song called “The Other Woman” causing a over the internet.

The theme song for a confident sideline ho chick was released just a day after she and one time friend Bambi of Basketball Wives LA fame were about to come to blows with each other during a taping of Kandi Burress’ Kandi Koated Nights in Atlanta, GA.

[Side note: Mary Jane accused Bambi of messing around with rapper Lil Scrappy and then tried to act hard with security in tow when Bambi popped up to the scene to address the situation. Check that out here.]

It was a little interesting. Whoever was mixing the sounds forgot to take out that heavy breathing in the beginning. It was just weird.

Check out the ratchetness below.

Also I still think some of this stuff is scripted. See the first five minutes of the latest episode and tell me if you think Kirk and Rasheeda are milking this dilemma for a fat check!

If this is for real Kirk is disrespectful on so many levels for clowning on national television.

So what do you think? Are sideline chicks getting to bold nowadays or what? 

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