Look At That Post Baby Body! Tamar Braxton Performs on Good Morning America for Album Launch.

Tamar Braxton-Herbert appeared on Good Morning America this morning and you would never be able to tell she had a baby three months ago!



Jealous much?

I am just a little!

Tamar spoke with Robin Roberts about her album, Love and War which was released today.

“It took about a year to do. And I feel like it’s my best work yet.” says the Tamar and Vince reality star.

Via Instagram.com/TamarBraxtonHer
Via Instagram.com/TamarBraxtonHer

She says the album focuses on the ups and downs of her relationship with her husband Vincent Herbert, manager of her as well as Lady Gaga and boy group Mindless Behavior.

“Last season in ‘Tamar & Vince,’ we went through a lot, and I like to say that this is the soundtrack to our relationship, Love and War because everyone experiences love, but sometimes it feels like war.”

When it comes to her son, Tamar feels much better and more confident about being a mom. A few weeks ago she talked about feeling unattached to her son Logan in the beginning.

“It’s going great,” she starts off. “Logan is the love of my life. He’s a great kid and he sleeps all night. I hear I’m lucky!”

Check out her perfomance.

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