Kanye West Debuts “New Slaves” Video on 66 Buildings in 6 Countries

Just when you thought you were going to hear another materialistic song about the money, cars, clothes and the h*** from another rapper, Kanye West drops some knowledge on his fans with a sick beat.

I guess rapping in Paris did Yeezy some good. “New Slaves” is the newest track coming from his upcoming album. The controversial song covers topics from racism to the mentality that African Americans have when it comes to wanting materials things instead of fundamentals to progress. To market the new song Kanye had the video projected on 66 buildings in six countries. Some of the locations include the Prada 5th Avenue Store in New York, Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada as well as Wrigley Field in his hometown Chicago, IL.


No wonder why he’s been pissed every time the media comes toward his and attacking his character. I’m sure someone is going to try to have something negative to say about the song, but I am loving it! Peep the lyrics here.

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