Kanye Debuts Another New Single “Black Skinhead” on SNL

Say what you want about Kanye West. One thing for sure is he knows how to market his craft. Almost 24 hours after debuting his song “New Slaves” on projectors around the world in different cities, Kanye dropped another single “Black Skinhead” tonight on SNL (Saturday Night Live for the acronym-challenged folks) where he was the guest performer. Ben Affleck was the host.

Both songs are to be on his sixth album entitled “Yeezus.”

I Can’t! *Taps palm on forehead*

It was different. A lot of yelling and screaming (Screamo music) but the message was still there. I guess the old Kanye isn’t coming back full throttle just yet. It is nice to get to see the nostalgia in small doses though… *Kanye shrug*

See last night’s episode here.

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