Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Twerking Girl On Fire Video Was A Hoax? How Does He Know? He Was In It!

Remember this popular twerk fail gone viral?


Well it’s fake! 

Jimmy Kimmel decided to create a video that would end the twerking epidemic that has spiraled out of control since Miley Cyrus decided to shake her chicken shaped tail feather in every animal onesie she can find!

Kimmel interviewed Caitlin Heller via Skype on his late night show about her decision to upload such an embarrassing video. When he gets ready to play the footage he walks into a hidden room on stage where Caitlin has been sitting the whole time thus revealing that this video was a hoax!

Jimmy Kimmel_Daphne Avalon_Twerk Fail_Hoax



Yep it was fake!

The video was shot two months ago then uploaded under a fake YouTube channel. The video received over 9 million views within a week. Heller received numerous requests to appear on several news and media outlets.

The video is so fake down to the Heller’s name. Her name is not Caitlin Heller. In fact she isn’t just a regular chick from Kansas City, Mo. She is actually a stunt woman by the name of Daphne Avalon.

Here is the interview and full twerk video below:

Did you fall for it? Are you surprised the video is fake?

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