If Daria Was Turned Into a Motion Picture This is What It Would Look Like!

If you’re an old young person like me you may remember this 90s show about the sarcastic teen name Daria Morgendorffer and the world around her…

Daria ScreenshotDaria Movie

Well…College Humor uploaded a trailer for the motion picture version of the hit show Daria. This time Daria is coming home for her high school reunion for Lawndale and her sister Quinn is in charge of planning it. Jane, Brittney, Trent and others appeared in the clip as well.

Check it out below:

I doubt there is a real movie coming out soon, but if it were this would be pretty spot on!

In case you’re missing the Daria and all of her buddies here’s a full length episode right here!


Would you go see the movie?

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