Gucci Goes In On Everyone After Being Dropped From Label. Nicky Minaj Responds Calling Him Bubba Gump!

Gucci Mane has officially lost his mind!

A few hours ago the “I Think I Love Her” rapper decided to go in on some of his industry peers out of no where on Twitter. He also claims to have smashed quite a few celebs including Nicki Minaj, Monica, Kelly Rowland, Ciara, Fantasia, and Black Chyna.

*Insert side eye here.*

This is just a few tweets he posted about them:

Me and waka fuck nikki minaj dats nothing.

Tell. Her intervention my dick in her throat I moved dat bitch to atl. Bitch u was sleepin n d car. Bitch. I pulled dat bitch off wayne bus

Me and waka fucked chyna tyga girl at d w south beach dats nuthin. Ask dj holiday Em n her mouth. Waka. N her ass. True

Ask ciara did she ride dat bike 4 gucci in cali while she was with 50 ask kelly did she cum to patchwork and onyx while she was wit shaka

Rappers Tyga and Rocko responded after their women (or exes) were blasted with so much disrespect on the social network. After Nicki got wind of the mess Gucci was talking about her, she went in!

May God strike me dead if I ever had sex wit that man. Lmfaoooooooooo. Nigga da way ya #ugliness is set up#BubbaGump #crackhead
I’m rlly cracking up. He’s fighting so hard for one more ounce of relevance. Tyga and I turned down his feature request last Thursday

She even posted a pic of the text that fellow rapper Tyga sent her about being on a track with Gucci.

The Shade! *Fans self*

Why is he being so reckless today? According to Vibe, Gucci was dropped from Atlantic Records. This may explain these clueless tweets.

Every 1 n the industry has a hidden agenda every person let greed n pride conquer them its sad but I been in jail so much it humbled me

Tell craig n julia suc my dick at Atlantic records

Ya know…I really…really want to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe that he was hacked. I mean there was so many misspelled words and so much gibberish in those tweets. However this is the same man that decided to tattoo an ice cream cone on his face so I’m throwing my hands up on this one! gucci_gif Do you think he was hacked or what?

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