Did Epic Drop TLC Because of Pebbles? Guess Again!

There seems to be a rumor going around that TLC has been dropped by Epic Records after signing a deal with the company four months ago.



However this is completely…FALSE!

Who knew any movie could spark up so much drama? Especially when the story has been told numerous times before. I guess the visual of it all finally made Sister Perri say enough! Did anyone catch how she was quick to say she believed that Chili slept with her husband, L.A. Reid but kept saying she couldn’t speak about the alleged false portrayal of herself in the movie because “of the confidentiality” as she put it…

Something ain’t clean in the water!

Anyway…back to the story at hand! A TLC fan site reported that TLC had been dropped from Epic Records (Where L.A. Reid is the boss) after just signing with them back in July. When asked why they responded that it was because of Reid’s ex wife Pebbles who is on a campaign to shut down the supposed “lies” going on about her role in their bankruptcy. 

:NEWS: – TLC have been dropped from Epic Records.

— TLC NEWS (@OfficialTLCNews) November 21, 2013


After this began to circulate around the internet, TLC member Chili set the record straight:

@CarlissaOwens @TheRealTBOZ : until we release an official statement don’t assume “talk” is real

— Chilli (@officialchilli) November 21, 2013

You know this TLC vs Pebbles beef is getting quite old already. I mean seriously if Ms. Perri thought they they slandered her image with that movie then why didn’t she do anything to nip this in the bud years ago when they first claimed she took all of their money? However I digress. There are three sides to this story: Pebbles side, TLC’s side and the truth. Let’s just all get along and get over it!

I will say I did check the artist page on Epic’s website and I didn’t see them on there. It seems as if it may only be new artist on the site with the exception of Michael Jackson. 


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