Doja Cat and Rico Nasty’s Visual for “Tia Tamera” Will Give You All Kinds of 90’s Nostalgia!

Calling all 90’s kids!

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The visual for Doja Cat’s Tia Tamera drop today and it is all things reminiscent of over two decades ago. The song features Rico Nastyan up-and-coming rapper with an amazing story!

While referencing WB show, Sister, Sister (hence the song’s title), the video also channels Nickelodeon, Lisa Frank, and one of my all time favorite 90’s movie, BAPS!

Check it out below:

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Darius Hickman – Duppy Freestyle

If you’re going to use someone else’s beat you better make sure you deliver!

Darius Hickman (via YouTube)

Darius Hickman did just that! The Illinois rapper did his own version of Drake’s Duppy Freestyle and he did not disappoint. I was just minding my business scrolling through my Instagram feed and came across a snippet and just had to hear more.

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See the New Trailer For Jordan Peele’s “Us!”

Can there be another film like Get Out?


After the success of original film Get Out, we just knew that Jordan Peele would follow-up with a movie that would do just as well if not even better and boy did he deliver! Jordan Peele released the trailer for his new movie, Us, on Christmas day as promised and it looks like there may be another Oscar coming!

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“Silly Me. I Thought I’d Be On By 21!” Charity Releases New Music, “Millennials”

Charity is back with new music!

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Millennials captures the feelings many of us 20 and 30 somethings have about the struggles of navigating through this economy. The song, which was co-produced by Slate the Producer and Brandon “Showtime” Bland, has the church organ keys playing in the background that has you wanting to say “Amen,” to this testimony of living in 2018.

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New Video for Leon Bridges – “If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be)”

Leon Bridges released the video for his single, If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be) on Tuesday.

The song is from his latest album, Good Thing.

The song was produced by Nate Mercereau and Ricky Reed. The video was directed by French director, Hugo Jouxtel

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An Unexpected Fresh Start.

Hey guys! It’s been a while.

Yesterday I declared changes in my life. That included revamping my websites by the end of the month. Today as I was working on my new layout, I created my backup files as usual. However, it seems as if my plan to start new took a literal sense as my files were wiped clean.

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Ashlee Simpson Says Yes to Evan Ross!

Add Ashlee Simpson to the list of celebs that are engaged this winter!

via Twitter
via Twitter

Cuffing season is creating permanent unions in Hollywood! Diana Ross’ son, Evan Ross, popped the question to Jessica Simpson’s younger sis and of course she said yes!

Ross, an actor known for his movie ATL and his recent role as Dallas Austin in the  VH1 TLC biopic, posted a picture on his Twitter account to share the happy news!

The love of my life said YES!!!!!!

— evan ross (@realevanross) January 14, 2014


This will be Ashlee’s second time down the aisle. She was previously married to Fall Out Boy’s frontman, Pete Wentz. They have a five year old son together.

Congrats to the happy couple!

Is Bobbi Kristina Officially Married to Her God Brother?

Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon are married!

Bobbi_Kristina Brown_Nick Gordon
Via Twitter

According to Bobbi Kristina’s Twitter page, the two are officially married. She uploaded the picture below with the following message: Bobbi_Kristina_Married_Via TwitterBobbi_Kristina_Married_Tweet

Nick may have tried to let us all know back in September when he uploaded this picture to his social media account:Bobbi_Kristina Brown_Nick Gordon_

Nick Gordon

This was a little creepy at first but hey they aren’t blood relatives. They’ve known each other long enough to know if they want to be together or not so let them do them (pun not intended)!   Congrats to the couple!

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Did He Do It? New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Accused of Bridge Scandal!

Someone call Olivia Pope! New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie is going to need some help getting out of this scandal!


As I was up waiting to watch the encore of last night’s new episode of  American Horror Story: Coven (great show by the way), I happened to click through the channels to see Anderson Cooper‘s show on CNN talking about everyone’s favorite bipartisan Governer. However this story may change your mind.

Allegedly Governor Christie’s office ordered to close lanes in Fort Lee, NJ causing major traffic jams on the George Washington Bridge, one of the busiest bridges.  It is claimed that the lane closings were payback to the city’s democratic mayor’s refusal to endorse Christie. As CNN reported, Governor Christie was the “best hope” for Republicans to win the White House in 2016.

NJ Governor Chris Christie_Ft Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich

Christie claims that he was unaware of his camp being involved in this sticky situation. An investigation has been opened to get to what really happened. However Ft. Lee’s Mayor, Mark Sokolich had this to say on Wolf Blitzer’s show:

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To the Grammar Police: Are You Worthy of Your Title? Take the Test and See!

Don’t you hate it when someone corrects you spelling and grammar on Twitter and Facebook?

Me too! There are plenty of times when people are on social media sites typing statuses and updates and lo and behold they have made a spelling error! Most of the time it’s because of that darn auto-correct aka T9 on your mobile device.


What’s even more annoying are those people that point it out after you already realized your mitsake.

I know it’s mistake. I’m being funny. See what I did there?

The question is though are they able to legitimately call you our on your grammar?

Here’s a fun way to humble that annoying Facebook friend brought to you buy Staples. See if they can get a 100%. If they can just block them from your Facebook profile and have a great day!

Click image to open interactive version (via

Now trick or treat that! In your face!

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