Centric’s ‘According to Him+Her’ Answers Awkward Relationship Questions With Comedy!

Update: This show no longer airing new episodes.

Is it ok to have sex with someone else while on a break? Should you tell or look away if you see your friend’s significant other out on a date with somebody else?

Everybody wants to know these answers. Centric’s new show, According to Him+Her gives the answers. Hosted by comedian Finesse Mitchell and Claudia Jordan, this show answers questions from friends dating your exes to when to pass gas in front of your significant other.

There are a few more comedians like Tiffany Haddish, Billy Sorrells, Deric Evans, and Monica Majesty on the ‘Expert’ panel giving some hilarious advice!

While this show is no longer airing, you may still find clips online.

Kandi Burress and Todd Tucker Make It Official! They’s Married Now!

Kandi Burress can officially say, “I’s married now!”

Via Instagram.com/KandiBurress
Via Instagram.com/KandiBurress

The singer and Real Housewives of Atlanta star tied the knot with her beau, Todd Tucker yesterday evening. The two were introduced by co-star Phaedra Parks during the fourth season of the show after she was told that she would meet her husband during the ladies’ infamous trip to Africa.

The ceremony took place in Atlanta and guest were expected to wear purple. Some of the BRIDEmaids bridesmaids included fellow Xscape member Tameka “Tiny” Harris, rapper and Love and Hip Hop star Rasheeda Frost, singer Fantasia, and of course lady cupid Phaedra Parks.

Kandi_Burress_Wedding Rehearsal

I’m so proud of Mama Joyce! She let Kandi and Todd get married in peace!

At least that’s what I am hoping.
Via StraightFromTheA.com

According to Straight From the A, the may have been some drama a few days before the wedding:

Mama Joyce was there and actually walked Kandi down the aisle. While I’ve heard Mama Joyce threw up her hands in disgust when asked ‘who gives this bride,’ at least she walked away without a confrontation and allowed the wedding to proceed…

A few things I’ve ‘heard’ along the way… Todd’s mom got into it with Mama Joyce a few days before the wedding and reportedly called her a messy b*tch.  I’m not sure if the in-laws cleared the air before Kandi finally walked down the aisle, but I do know that Kandi and Todd did finally say ‘I do’ and it’s a done deal.

I mean…there’s always going to be drama at a wedding. Trust me, there was plenty at mine. All that matters is the two people making the commitment to each other.

Not too much was revealed due to the wedding being recorded for another spin-off for Kandi on Bravo. It is expected to air later  this year.

Congrats to the couple. I hope you two have many years together!

Mimi Faust Is Officially the Side Piece! Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Stevie J and Joseline Are Married Honey!

Mimi is probably somewhere feeling as numb as her new boobs after hearing this news.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Stevie J finally stopped the bus long enough to wife up co-star Joseline Hernandez.Hip Hop Weekly Cover Aug 6 Stevie J and Joseline Married

If you keep up with the show like I do then you have seen all of the crazy stunts Stevie has tried to keep Mimi and Joseline on his bus of love. Here’s a little recap of the last couple of episodes:

Joseline had been hinting to Stevie J that she was ready to settle down. After talking to his dad, Joseline decided to take matters into her own hands and propose to him so he could settle down. He didn’t say yes, but he didn’t say no either. He then turned around and proposed to her AND gave his favorite mother of his children Mimi a ring as well. As usual all hell broke loose and Ms. Joseline went crazy and decided to be single and that was the end of season two. Continue reading “Mimi Faust Is Officially the Side Piece! Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s
Stevie J and Joseline Are Married Honey!”

15 Year Old Temar Boggs Rescues 5 Year Old From Potential Abductor!

On a happier note this tragic weekend, a little girl that was abducted in Lancaster, PA is now safe and sound thanks to Temar Boggs.temar boggs

The fifteen year old and his friends were helping out an elderly woman in the neighborhood when they found out that five year old Jocelyn Rojas was missing.

“We got all of our friends to go look for her. We made our own little search party,” said Boggs. 

After searching, Boggs and his friend, Chris Garcia, noticed the girl in a maroon colored car. They immediately began to chase down the vehicle. The abductor removed her from the car and ran off. Rojas ran into Boggs arms.

Police are still looking for the suspect.

“She said, ‘I need to see my mommy.'” said Boggs.

They returned the girl to Lancaster Arms. Boggs was able to meet with the young girls family Thursday after he gave his report to the police.

Boggs does not consider himself a hero, but more like a normal kid.

What a humble young man!

It’s nice to hear happy endings! Good things should happen more often.

Are Rasheeda and Kirk Faking Marital Woes for TV? Rasheeda Blasts Kirk on Instagram!

Rasheeda and Kirk at Streetz 94.5 ATL

If you watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta this season, chances are you are probably feeling some kind of way about Kirk’s actions towards Rasheeda since she told him about their new addition to the family. All the arguing between the two and even Kirk telling his wife to get an abortion was enough to make us all think that he was an a**hole jerk!

rasheeda and kirk gif

I was with you all too…at first.

Check out my twitter post from a few weeks ago:
RandomRoni.com Tweets

 Now I’m not too sure. They were doing a good job at pretending to be mad and evil towards other at first. But REALITY and reality tv look totally different. As the arguments ensued on Monday nights, happy times were uploading on instagram.

side eye gif

After speculations of the two putting on a show to stay on the show have been on the rise, Rasheeda conveniently posted this photo to her Instagram account this weekend:

Rasheeda Blasts Kirk On Instagram

As soon as she posted this Kirk must have came and swooped up the kid immediately because father and son were together for pics on his Instagram account as well from their outing to the V103 car show in Atlanta the same day.

Kirk and son at ATL car show Kirk and son at ATL car show

Fellow cast mate from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Karlie Redd was also in attendance at the event as well. Were they there together?

*Side Eye*

Kirk and Karlie Redd at ATL car show

Probably not.

After all the drama over the weekend, the two managed to come together for an interview on Streetz 94.5 today in Atlanta to talk about altercations with K. Michelle and their relationship being on the rocks. Kirk said he is working on their marriage.

Check the interview out below.Coincidence that these incidents occur before a new episode of #LHHATL comes on tonight? I think not!

Just in case I am wrong, let’s take a trip down memory lane when they both were in their happy space.

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Love & Hip Ho

So do you believe the hype? Are they faking it or making it worse?

Tamar Braxton Gives Birth to a Healthy Boy! Plus Video for “The One”

Tweet Confirming Tamar's Delivery! (Via: Twitter)
Tweet Confirming Tamar’s Delivery! (Via: Twitter)

Vince must feel on top of the world! After all of the begging and thepleading, Tamar finally gave Vince their own little bundle of joy!

Tamar gave birth to a healthy baby last night. She also revealed the sex of her “love on top” being a boy even though her sister Tony and her best friend Tiny already gave it away during several interviews.

She was right. Her big sis can’t hold water! LOL

Her fam, friends and fans have been sending tweets galore!

Congrats to the happy couple!

If you haven’t seen her latest video for her new single “The One,” check it out below: