Episode One of Random Roni’s Podcast


I now have a podcast! Well if you’re following me on Instagram or Twitter, then this is a semi-surprise as I announced this new endeavor a few months ago.

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Today I dropped my very first episode!

My first guest is one of my favorite #FreshMeatFreshBeat artists, A:M. We caught up on her new music, love and relationships, WAP, gospel music, and so much more!

Singer A:M via Instagram

#FreshMeatFreshBeats | Jairus McClinton

Meet singer and songwriter, Jairus McClinton.

Jairus is an up-and-coming singer from Memphis, Tennessee. The Westwood native realized his singing abilities in church around the fourth grade. Later when asked to audition for his school’s Christmas play, he realized that he had a raw talent for performance as well. 

What is the craziest thing that has happened to you while you were performing on stage?
The craziest thing that has happened to me would be when I completely forgot the words to my own song in the 8th grade and had to freestyle the whole entire performance. Gladly everyone loved it but I was sweating big bullets and winging it the whole time. I didn’t quit though and that was when I knew I had the drive in me to do this for life.

Jairus started his songwriting journey in elementary school by copying down the lyrics to popular songs just to see how the words were patterned. By the time he was in the sixth grade, he started writing his own songs.

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Fresh Meat, Fresh Beats: Young Quael

If A Tribe Called Quest, Common, Mos Def and Big Sean morphed into a “Super Rapper,” Young Quael would be the manifestation of this smooth combination. You get the jazz feel in his beats, the consciousness and  love in his lyrics, and the smooth metaphors rolling off of the tip of his tongue…

Marquael Green aka Young Quael is a fresh new talent born in Atlanta, Georgia with a love for music. When it comes to the driving force behind his lyrics, Quael says it’s the “life and love for my music. Music is a connection of the mind, body, and soul. It captures every feeling.”
His new mixtape, #CollegeCampusCrazzy is available on Datpiff.com. You can also listen to it here as well.
To see him live you can catch him performing at different showcases near or at Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN where he is also an engineering student.
Smart and smooth hmmmm…
To find out more about this new talent, click here.