Are Rasheeda and Kirk Faking Marital Woes for TV? Rasheeda Blasts Kirk on Instagram!

Rasheeda and Kirk at Streetz 94.5 ATL

If you watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta this season, chances are you are probably feeling some kind of way about Kirk’s actions towards Rasheeda since she told him about their new addition to the family. All the arguing between the two and even Kirk telling his wife to get an abortion was enough to make us all think that he was an a**hole jerk!

rasheeda and kirk gif

I was with you all too…at first.

Check out my twitter post from a few weeks ago: Tweets

 Now I’m not too sure. They were doing a good job at pretending to be mad and evil towards other at first. But REALITY and reality tv look totally different. As the arguments ensued on Monday nights, happy times were uploading on instagram.

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After speculations of the two putting on a show to stay on the show have been on the rise, Rasheeda conveniently posted this photo to her Instagram account this weekend:

Rasheeda Blasts Kirk On Instagram

As soon as she posted this Kirk must have came and swooped up the kid immediately because father and son were together for pics on his Instagram account as well from their outing to the V103 car show in Atlanta the same day.

Kirk and son at ATL car show Kirk and son at ATL car show

Fellow cast mate from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Karlie Redd was also in attendance at the event as well. Were they there together?

*Side Eye*

Kirk and Karlie Redd at ATL car show

Probably not.

After all the drama over the weekend, the two managed to come together for an interview on Streetz 94.5 today in Atlanta to talk about altercations with K. Michelle and their relationship being on the rocks. Kirk said he is working on their marriage.

Check the interview out below.Coincidence that these incidents occur before a new episode of #LHHATL comes on tonight? I think not!

Just in case I am wrong, let’s take a trip down memory lane when they both were in their happy space.

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So do you believe the hype? Are they faking it or making it worse?

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