16 Year Old Remakes Beyonce’s “Countdown” Video

Now this is talent! 

Sixteen year old Ton Do-Nguyen filmed, shot, edited and starred in almost dead on remake of Beyonce’s Countdown video. The teenager from Pennsylvania was on point with the original video from the special effects to the dance moves and facial expressions. Even King Bey had to post something herself called him “brillant” on her Tumblr page.

Beyonce Snuggie Comparison


Nguyen worked on the video for months, starting in November then scrapping the video and starting from scratch. In the video we see him in a snuggie. Not only is it cute and funny, it also served as a blue screen to help the novice video editor with the color changes flashing throughout the video.

When asked about Beyonce’s reaction to the video, Nguyen was screaming with excitement and emotional. He said, “I’m just so honored that she’s seen it already and I don’t know what to think.

Congrats kiddo. That’s awesome that at such a young age that he has the skills of a professional. We’ll probably see more from him. 

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