15 Year Old Temar Boggs Rescues 5 Year Old From Potential Abductor!

On a happier note this tragic weekend, a little girl that was abducted in Lancaster, PA is now safe and sound thanks to Temar Boggs.temar boggs

The fifteen year old and his friends were helping out an elderly woman in the neighborhood when they found out that five year old Jocelyn Rojas was missing.

“We got all of our friends to go look for her. We made our own little search party,” said Boggs. 

After searching, Boggs and his friend, Chris Garcia, noticed the girl in a maroon colored car. They immediately began to chase down the vehicle. The abductor removed her from the car and ran off. Rojas ran into Boggs arms.

Police are still looking for the suspect.

“She said, ‘I need to see my mommy.'” said Boggs.

They returned the girl to Lancaster Arms. Boggs was able to meet with the young girls family Thursday after he gave his report to the police.

Boggs does not consider himself a hero, but more like a normal kid.

What a humble young man!

It’s nice to hear happy endings! Good things should happen more often.

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