Oh So Random: Actress Arrested For Allegedly Sending Ricin Letters to the President and New York Mayor to Frame Husband

Lifetime Network better hurry up and get the rights to turn this saga into a movie!

shannon guess


35 year old unknown actress, Shannon Rogers Guess, was arrested yesterday for allegedly sending several ricin laced letters to President Barack Obama as well as to Mayor Bloomberg.

What is ricin you ask? Here are the facts from the Center of Disease Control aka the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia:

“Ricin is a poison found naturally in castor beans. If castor beans are chewed and swallowed, the released ricin can cause injury.  Ricin can be made from the waste material left over from processing castor beans. It can be in the form of a powder, a mist, or a pellet, or it can be dissolved in water or weak acid. It is a stable substance under normal conditions, but can be inactivated by heat above 80 degrees centigrade (176 degrees Fahrenheit).”

Last week, Guess’ husband was originally the one to blame after she called to report  a suspicious substance in her home. After futher investigation, the mother of five was then charged. FBI special agent, James Spiropoulos said in his affidavit that actress who appeared in “The Blind Side” and “Madea’s Big Happy Family” originally stated that her husband Nathaniel Richardson, an army veteran, “typed the letters and made her print and mail them.” Guess admitted to her part of “printing the mailing labels for the three letters and mailing the the three letters–knowing that they contained ricin.”

The couple are in the process of getting a divorce and also expecting a child in October. There is speculation that this may have played a huge role in the accusations against her husband.

She should have just burned all his clothes in a car like Bernie in Waiting to Exhale. Sheesh!

I guess she was tired of her small roles…

Apparently folks like to frame people with these ricin letters. Earlier this year 41 year old James Everett Dutschke was finally arrested after setting up Paul Kevin Curtis to take the fall for him sending the letters to the president with the bio weapon on them.

What do you think of this hot mess! How far would you go after feeling scorned?





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The MOST random person you'll ever meet. Wife. Mom. Daughter. Sister. I love to do everything, but you have to know when you're trying to do too much...I just haven't realized that point yet!
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Random Roni

The MOST random person you’ll ever meet. Wife. Mom. Daughter. Sister. I love to do everything, but you have to know when you’re trying to do too much…I just haven’t realized that point yet!