Another Teen Murdered By A Missouri Officer: Antonio Martin’s Body Left On the Ground for 3.5 Hours. [Hear the Audio From the Officer’s Radio Dispatch Call]

Another mother is left with unanswered questions in Missouri after her son was shot by a police officer and left to die.

via Vine (Search4Swag)

via Vine (Search4Swag)

Exactly one month after former Ferguson, MO police officer Darren Wilson was cleared of an indictment for the murder of unarmed teen Michael Brown, another officer has shot and killed another young man two miles away from August’s tragic incident in Berkeley, MO.

[Never forget: Darren Wilson receives no indictment for the murder of Mike Brown]

An unnamed officer was involved in a shooting that took place on December 23rd after he stopped two young men at a Mobile gas station. According to the Associated Press, Sgt. Brian Schellman, a spokesman for the St. Louis County police had this to say:

Berkeley police officer was conducting a routine business check at a gas station around 11:15 p.m. Tuesday when he saw two men and approached them.

One of the men pulled a handgun and pointed it at the officer, Schellman said. The officer fired several shots, striking and fatally wounding the man.

The second man fled, and the dead man’s handgun has been recovered, according to Schellman.

Though there have been reports that the victim had a gun let’s be honest: St. Louis police and surrounding precincts in the state haven’t had the best track record with being the most truthful in general. Remember this:

Always keep a voice recorder and/or phone with you in case you get picked up by shady police officers.

Even if he did have a gun there are several instances of many white criminals with guns that are apprehended without lethal force or force at all. The best example for this would be James Holmes. He shot at men, women and children at a movie theater! In case you have amnesia let me help you remember:

[A Shooting Massacre In Colorado Leaves 12 Dead, Many Others Injured. and Several Buildings Shut Down]

Martin’s mother, Toni Martin says that her son was “a good young man” and was being harassed by the officer. She also says that he was trying to run when the officer shot him.

She also said that he was unarmed and was on his way to see his girlfriend before he was gunned down.

Witnesses say that Martin was still alive after being shot but was left to die by the officer. There is audio of the call for back up allegedly made by the cop asking for back up but not for an ambulance. Protestors have been out on the scene demanding justice, becasue like most people around the world, people are calling bull on police killings.

Do you think that the officer made the right decision or do you believe the police are using the uniform to execute black men? Do black lives matter in Missouri?


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Random Roni

The MOST random person you’ll ever meet. Wife. Mom. Daughter. Sister. I love to do everything, but you have to know when you’re trying to do too much…I just haven’t realized that point yet!