N-Words Ain’t Stopping Paula Deen Y’all…Some Companies Let Her Go While Others Are Still Standing By the Country Cook

I am predicting boycotts soon…

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Last week Food Network decided not to renew Paula Deen’s contract after her court deposition revealed that she has used the n-word as well as discussing her slave themed Shirley Temple/Plantation inspired wedding reception for her brother Bubba.

Smithfield Foods is following suit dropping Deen as a spokeswoman for their brand. They sell ham with her face on the packaging.

However some companies are still standing by Paula Deen.

Royal Carribean got so many requests to reserve a spot for their annual “Paula Deen Cruise” that they had to add an extra departure in 2014.

Seems a little suspicious. You think I will be on that cruise?

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Another company, Vicroza Brand, also decided to keep Deen on board (for now). She is the butter loving diabetic spokeswoman for their diabetes drug Novo Nordsick. She will also get to keep her show Paula’s Home Cooking on Great American Country

While those companies have made up their mind, others are in limbo in what to do. QVC, Sears Holdings, and Random House Publishing are a few waiting to see how the court ordeal plays out before they pull the plug on Deen.

I find this funny that most companies don’t know where they stand on Paula Deen’s racial remarks scandal but when Tiger Woods cheated on his wife almost anything he endorsed was marked down or boxed up and shipped away from their stores NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Trust me. I know. 

Don’t worry Paula. Not every African American or Jewish person hates you. Deon Cole loves you…well at least your cooking is allowing him to forgive you.

Will you support any products, shows, or cruises endorsing the Paula Deen brand?

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The MOST random person you'll ever meet. Wife. Mom. Daughter. Sister. I love to do everything, but you have to know when you're trying to do too much...I just haven't realized that point yet!
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Random Roni

The MOST random person you’ll ever meet. Wife. Mom. Daughter. Sister. I love to do everything, but you have to know when you’re trying to do too much…I just haven’t realized that point yet!