Tiara Thomas Release Solo Version of “Bad” While Wale Releases the Remix featuring the Bad Girl Herself, Rihanna

Tiara Thomas (hiphop-n-more.com)
Wale and Rihanna (RollingOut.com)

Bad,” the song everyone loves to grind the one they love to (or the one next to them while intoxicated at the club/lounge), has been a hit song for months on the radio so it’s no surprise that a remix was coming. After months of anticipation the single has two new versions being released.

The first is the original solo version that newbie Tiara Thomas wrote  for herself. In the beginning she is singing the chorus to Trillville’s “Some Cut.” It kind of threw me off at first but then it started to get better after that.

The second version is Wale rapping with RiRi on the remix. It sound like her single “Loveeeeeee Song” with Future. I’m not sure, but it seems like she may be referring to Chris Brown on this one (as most of her songs seem to do, but I digress…).

I’m not gonna lie. I was feeling the second one a bit more, but the original one is the best to me.

Which one do you like the best?

Kanye West Releases Album Cover for Yeezus

Yeezus Album Cover
Yeezus Album Cover

Kanye West has finally released his album cover for his upcoming CD, Yeezus. The rapper behind the “New Slave” and Black Skinhead” singles went for a more simple approach this time.

I guess a pixelated picture of Kim Kardashian wasn’t going to happen because Ray J did it first! Sorry I couldn’t resist!

I actually like it. It reminds me of the time when making your own mix-tapes for you car or Walkman was cool and you had those special titles to remember what songs you had on your CD of epicness (Yes I said epicness)!

The album comes out June 18 and as always I will be getting my own.

What do you think? Too plain? Just Right?



Oh So Random: LHHATL Star Karlie Redd is Attacked by Two Fellow Castmates

K. Michelle and Joseline Hernandez of LHHATL

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is currently filming for seaon 3 and the drama has yet to simmer down. Allegedly (the forever 29 year old) Karlie Redd was jumped by her two favorite girls on the show, Joseline Hernandez and K. Michelle.

Karlie Redd (JenniferBrix.com)

Numerous reports claim that after Redd’s performance with Beenie Man during the Memorial weekend, she was confronted by the two women causing a fight to ensue. LHHATL‘s cameras were supposedly there to capture the footage.

If this is true then I guess we’ll be seeing the rundown next season on the show.


Oh So Random: Paris Hilton Signs on as Young Money Artist!

Paris Hilton’s got talent. Some may disagree, but Birdman of Cash Money Records thinks so. He signed hotel heiress known for her more freaky behind the sheets skills to his Cash Money label. He sent out this tweet:

I knew something was up went I saw her in the video for the “Tapout” by Rich Gang. You know Christina Milan is also signed to YMCMB. Is Kimora Next?

So Is This Paris’ Big Break or Biggest Flop Yet?

Kendrick Lamar Says Rapping About Molly is “Watering Down” Hip Hop

Kendrick Lamar Talking with MTV’s Sway (Photo: MTV News)

This is exactly why I love Kendrick Lamar! While most rappers try to entertain fans with just anything, Cali rapper Kendrick Lamar isn’t giving in to a popularity contest. He recently spoke to MTV’s Sway about the “Poppin Molly” lyric trends stating that it is “watering down” hip-hop.

For those of you that are not aware of what this drug is let me explain it to you. It is a pill capsule filled with MDMA (ecstacy) sometimes laced with crack, cocaine, meth and bath salts.

Kendrick starts off, “I like trends. In high school we had the button ups. You know Jay Z did that. Cool trend. The jerseys, cool trend…”

He then breaks down why isn’t fond of the molly phase of rap. “You may have, you know, certain artist you know, portraying these trends and don’t really have that lifestyle and then it gives off the wrong thing…It becomes a bit corny after a while…”

Get More:
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Lately a majority of the rap songs that I hear on the radio reference  “molly.” This is setting a dangerous trend for many people influenced by music and the rap culture. Rappers such as Trinidad James, Wiz Khalifa, and Maino are a few artist jumping on the Molly bandwagon.

Rick Ross recently lost a huge endorsment deal when he mentioned the drug in the song “U.N.E.N.O.” suggesting it to be a source of a date rape concoction.

Check out the Rick Ross Reebok spoof below:

How do you feel about the Molly trend? Should it end?


Kelly Rowland Dishes on Past Abusive Relationship as well as Being Envious of Beyonce in New Song “Dirty Laundry”

Kelly Rowland is letting it all hang out to dry with her newest track for her upcoming album, Talk a Good Game. The new single, “Dirty Laundry” is a very emotional track that talks about her jealousy towards Beyoncé at one point in time as well as a past abusive relationship with a former ex.

Her testimony single produced by the Dream is out and causing shock waves dishing on the secrets of the mega star. In the song she mentions how she was a little envious of Beyoncé’s stardom, but was kind of glad she was in the shadows to hide the abuse going on to her at one point of her career. It also mentions how Bey helped her get out of her domestic violence situation.

Many believed that it was Kelly’s ex fiance Roy Williams, but he shut that down A.S.A.P.

According to Williams, Nelly’s manager/bodyguard Cudda Love, is the ex involved.
Check out the lyrics here from Lyrics Freaks:

[Hook] Let’s do this dirty laundry, this dirty laundry Let’s do this dirty laundry, this dirty laundry When you’re soaked in tears for years, it never airs out When you make pain look this good it never wears out This dirty laundry, this dirty laundry
[Verse 1] While my sister was on stage, killing it like a motherf***er I was enraged, feeling it like a motherf***er Bird in a cage, you would never know what I was dealing with Went out separate ways, but I was happy she was killing it Bittersweet, she was up, I was down No lie, I feel good for her, but what do I do now? Forget the records Off the record, I was going through some bullshit Post-survivor, she on fire, who wanna hear my bullshit? Meanwhile, this n*gga putting his hands on me I swear y’all don’t know the half of this industry [Hook] [Verse 2] And it’s almost been a decade I’m behind them black shades Roll up like it’s all good, right up out that Escalade Fix my make-up, “get it together, Kelly, get it together” Then we make up, “well get it together, n*gga, get it together” Kinda lucky, I was in her shadow Phone call from my sister, “what’s the matter?” She said, “Oh no, baby – you gotta leave! ” I’m on the kitchen floor – he took the keys I was mad at everybody, I mean everybody Yeah, her, her, her her everybody Five years later, I got my shit down pat Think I had it good, and they don’t know how bad Fooled everybody, except myself Soaking in this hurt, bathing in the dirt [Hook] [Verse 3] So here I am in the spin cycle We’re comin and we’re goin Nobody can know this And I was trapped in his house, lyin’ to my mama Thought it could get no worse as we maximize the drama Started to call them people on him I was battered He hittin the window like it was me, until it shattered He pulled me out, he said, “Don’t nobody love you but me Not your mama, not your daddy and especially not Bey” He turned me against my sister I missed ya [Hook] 

Peep the Song here:

Taylor Swift Hates on Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Kissing Behind the Scenes at the Billboard Music Awards

taylor swift tongue selena gomez justin bieber billboard music awards kiss gif

There is always that one ex  that still has your heart after all this time. There is also that one friend in your group who lets it be known that they don’t approve. That was the spectacle that played out during the behind the scenes feed for the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez (I could have sworn they haven’t been dating each other for a while) shared a kiss after passing by each other backstage. Selena’s BFF Taylor Swift, aka, that bitter chick getting rich off other bitter chicks (ok I couldn’t resist it. I like a few of her songs, but come on: I don’t want to hear about every dude that “broke her heart…” I’m just sayin) proved that actions speak louder than words when she stuck her tongue out in disgust.

Really Taylor? Really? YOU ARE TOO OLD FOR THAT!

Obviously it didn’t phase Selena though. It seems as if she was living in a fantasy world until someone from her enteruage pulled her away from that “if only for a night” moment. Could he really be that bad that Taylor Swift had to make that stank face or is she a hater? Maybe she ran into Harry Styles? Idk. Whatever it is maybe she’ll write a song about it!

Beyoncé Releases Single “Grown Woman” After Much Anticipation

I know some of the Beyhive were getting anxious (some even irritated) with anticipation, but it is finally here! Beyoncé finally releases the full version of her song “Grown Woman.” No longer do you need to replay her Pepsi commercial or catch her perform the song on her Mrs. Carter tour fan video clips throughout YouTube. Everyone can finally relax. The song is produced by Timbaland (of course! Can’t you tell by that sick beat?) and co-written by the Dream (he is doing big things for Beyoncé and Kelly in 2013 right? Yaaaaaaas honey! *in my Mariah Huq voice*)

Beyoncé is a “Groooooown Woman” these days! She is a wife, mother, and her own boss. She is letting everyone know, hater or fan. Check it out below:


Rebel Wilson Gets Her Own Show

I love seeing Rebel Wilson on TV! Just the other day I was watching Bachelorette and spotted her. The actress known for her roles in Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect, will finally get to have us laughing every week in her own show Super Fun Night.

The show is about three geeky best friends that decided to go out and have a great time every Friday night. It is produced by Conan O’Brien and Wilson. She also serves as a writer for the show.

From her awkward moments at work to being stripped down to flashing heart undies, this is sure to be an entertaining show.

Super Fun Night will air on ABC this fall on Wednesday nights.

To see more new shows coming out this fall, check out Entertainment Tonight.

Beyoncé’s Uncle Gives Some of His Insight on Her and the Rumors About Her

Beyoncé and her family are usually quiet about her personal business. All that seemed to change (just a little) when she released her HBO documentary, Life is but a Dream, in February earlier this year. Somehow Celebuzz was able to reach out to her uncle, Larry Beyince, and talk about rumors surrounding her about a second baby, Blue, Jay Z, and her father. Maybe 2013 is the year to let it all hang out!

Check out the interview here:

On The Rumor That Beyoncé Is Pregnant Again…

“I have no idea. I haven’t heard nothing, except that she’s on tour.

“Even then [when she was pregnant with Blue Ivy] she tried to keep everything secret like it’s a really big deal. She didn’t want everyone to know.

“She did tell me she wants to have more, but I didn’t know how fast. I think now would be too soon. She just had one and she needs time to really raise that baby.”

On The Meaning Of Blue Ivy…

“Ivy is for the Roman numeral No. 4. Beyoncé’s birthday is on the 4th, she got married on the 4th and her mother’s birthday is on the 4th. So it’s got meaning to her.

“I’ll speak to her [Blue] on the phone. She likes to watch cartoons and Sesame Street. She told me ‘hi’ and ‘dog’ and ‘moo’ and ‘meow’ and ‘woof woof.’ And then she just said ‘bye bye.’

On Beyoncé Before Becoming Mrs. Jay-Z…

“He was after her and she wasn’t. She told me she wasn’t too particularly fond of him.

“I would see him with her and pictures of them, I heard rumors they were together and she told me ‘no.’ You know how women get that look like ‘eww.’ I guess she wasn’t attracted to him.

“But as long as he treats her well and makes her happy, that’s all I ever wanted. He’s okay with me.”

On Beyoncé Getting Married…

“I was surprised she married him. I think she got tired of being alone. When you have as much money as she does she has to be careful about people wanting her for her money. And apparently he had as much as she had.

“I don’t think the family cared. Just that whatever he’s doing he’s making money [and] made it okay.”

On Beyoncé’s Father Mathew Knowles…

“I wasn’t surprised she fired him [as her manager]. I’m glad, actually.

“I know he was getting 20 percent of whatever she made, and from what I know he wasn’t doing much for her. All I knew is that he wanted her to be famous and rich so he could be rich.

“One reason I was glad she got married is because she was no longer under her dad’s control. He is a control freak.”

On Beyoncé’s Early Rise To Fame…

“She didn’t want to be famous. She just wanted to be a normal child. She loved to watch cartoons and be with her friends.

“She was forced into singing.

“It took away her whole childhood. Everything was geared toward being famous. She used to get angry at [her father] a lot for taking away her childhood. That affected her.

“I would prefer she was just my little niece, but she’s a lot better off than most women.”

Is it me or does it seem that no one in the Beyince clan is fond of Matthew Knowles?

What do you think?