#StayWoke! 12 R&B Artists You’re Sleeping On.

Everyday I hear at least one person say that R&B music no longer exists. I always think to myself “Nah. You’re just sleep.” In a world of mumble rap and fast beats, I can see why some may have given up hope on some good ol’ grown folks music. Well I am here to say […]

Fresh Meat Fresh Beats: Mz. 007

Have you heard of Mz. 007? You should because she’s Important! Mz. 007 is here to put St. Louis back on the map! A self proclaimed “Fat Fly Chick,” she is making moves and makes no apologies for her size because as she say’s “You can fix fat. You can’t fix ugly.” I first heard […]

Fresh Meat Fresh Beats: Yo Yo Picasso.

For the last few months my twitter timeline has been filled with one name: Yo Yo Picasso. At first I was thinking, “Oh gosh. Someone else thinks they can rap…” In my mind I felt since the recession is in full effect, everyone is trying to find I hustle. However I felt something was different […]

Fresh Meat, Fresh Beats: Young Quael

If A Tribe Called Quest, Common, Mos Def and Big Sean morphed into a “Super Rapper,” Young Quael would be the manifestation of this smooth combination. You get the jazz feel in his beats, the consciousness and ¬†love in his lyrics, and the smooth metaphors rolling off of the tip of his tongue.