Random Ratchetness: Former Nashville DHS Worker Accussed of Trading Food Stamps for Sex!

It’s some nasty drama going on in Nashville, TN! With the rent being high and certain job wages being low, some people are taking advantage of others who can’t keep up with the gentrification high rise changes in Music City. One person in particular is Alfred Awonuga. According to WREG the former Nashville Department of Human Services worker is accused […]

Another Teen Murdered By A Missouri Officer: Antonio Martin’s Body Left On the Ground for 3.5 Hours. [Hear the Audio From the Officer’s Radio Dispatch Call]

Another mother is left with unanswered questions in Missouri after her son was shot by a police officer and left to die. Exactly one month after former Ferguson, MO police officer Darren Wilson was cleared of an indictment for the murder of unarmed teen Michael Brown, another officer has shot and killed another young man […]

Art Imitates Life: Spike Lee Combines Tragic Scene From ‘Do the Right Thing’ and Video of Eric Garner’s Last Moments For a Chilling Reality of What’s Going On Over 2 Decades Later Between Black Men and the Police

It has been over 25 years since “Do The Right Thing” was released yet things seem to still be the same when it comes to the plight of the black man in America. This Spike Lee joint portrayed the racial tension happening in a Brooklyn neighborhood  in the late 80s. Now in the year 2014 we are […]

Michael Brown’s Mother Makes Statement After Grand Jury’s Decision: “Don’t Nobody Have to Live Through What I Had to Live Through..;”

“They want him back in Ferguson. I can’t get nobody back!’ Michael Brown’s mother spoke after hearing a No True Bill decision for Darren Wilson’s indictment. Lesley McSpadden spoke out against the decision and wept for her son as protesters stood by to console her. Post by Writer’s Block Survivor. “Everybody want me to be […]

Grand Jury for Darren Wilson Has Reportedly Reached A Decision on Mike Brown Shooting in Ferguson, MO. [See Live Stream Here]

Has the Grand Jury Decided to Indict Officer Darren Wilson on the Murder of 18 Year Old Michael Brown? According to several news outlets the jury has reached a decision. The announcement is supposed to be made sometime on Monday. As peaceful protest have occurred all weekend people on both sides have been waiting for the […]

Random Ratchetness! Guy Stabs Potential Boss During Interview!

What do you do when a potential employer smells alcohol on your breath during an interview? Get angry and stab them right? A man in Southern California did just that during a job interview on Monday afternoon. Jose Lopez decided that it would be a great idea to have some drinks right before he had to […]