#FreshMeatFreshBeats | Jairus McClinton

Meet singer and songwriter, Jairus McClinton.

Jairus is an up-and-coming singer from Memphis, Tennessee. The Westwood native realized his singing abilities in church around the fourth grade. Later when asked to audition for his school’s Christmas play, he realized that he had a raw talent for performance as well. 

What is the craziest thing that has happened to you while you were performing on stage?
The craziest thing that has happened to me would be when I completely forgot the words to my own song in the 8th grade and had to freestyle the whole entire performance. Gladly everyone loved it but I was sweating big bullets and winging it the whole time. I didn’t quit though and that was when I knew I had the drive in me to do this for life.

Jairus started his songwriting journey in elementary school by copying down the lyrics to popular songs just to see how the words were patterned. By the time he was in the sixth grade, he started writing his own songs.

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Doja Cat and Rico Nasty’s Visual for “Tia Tamera” Will Give You All Kinds of 90’s Nostalgia!

Calling all 90’s kids!

via YouTube

The visual for Doja Cat’s Tia Tamera drop today and it is all things reminiscent of over two decades ago. The song features Rico Nastyan up-and-coming rapper with an amazing story!

While referencing WB show, Sister, Sister (hence the song’s title), the video also channels Nickelodeon, Lisa Frank, and one of my all time favorite 90’s movie, BAPS!

Check it out below:

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Darius Hickman – Duppy Freestyle

If you’re going to use someone else’s beat you better make sure you deliver!

Darius Hickman (via YouTube)

Darius Hickman did just that! The Illinois rapper did his own version of Drake’s Duppy Freestyle and he did not disappoint. I was just minding my business scrolling through my Instagram feed and came across a snippet and just had to hear more.

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See the New Trailer For Jordan Peele’s “Us!”

Can there be another film like Get Out?

via comicbook.com

After the success of original film Get Out, we just knew that Jordan Peele would follow-up with a movie that would do just as well if not even better and boy did he deliver! Jordan Peele released the trailer for his new movie, Us, on Christmas day as promised and it looks like there may be another Oscar coming!

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“Silly Me. I Thought I’d Be On By 21!” Charity Releases New Music, “Millennials”

Charity is back with new music!

via Instagram

Millennials captures the feelings many of us 20 and 30 somethings have about the struggles of navigating through this economy. The song, which was co-produced by Slate the Producer and Brandon “Showtime” Bland, has the church organ keys playing in the background that has you wanting to say “Amen,” to this testimony of living in 2018.

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New Video for Leon Bridges – “If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be)”

Leon Bridges released the video for his single, If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be) on Tuesday.

The song is from his latest album, Good Thing.

The song was produced by Nate Mercereau and Ricky Reed. The video was directed by French director, Hugo Jouxtel

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An Unexpected Fresh Start.

Hey guys! It’s been a while.

Yesterday I declared changes in my life. That included revamping my websites by the end of the month. Today as I was working on my new layout, I created my backup files as usual. However, it seems as if my plan to start new took a literal sense as my files were wiped clean.

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Centric’s ‘According to Him+Her’ Answers Awkward Relationship Questions With Comedy!

Update: This show no longer airing new episodes.

Is it ok to have sex with someone else while on a break? Should you tell or look away if you see your friend’s significant other out on a date with somebody else?

Everybody wants to know these answers. Centric’s new show, According to Him+Her gives the answers. Hosted by comedian Finesse Mitchell and Claudia Jordan, this show answers questions from friends dating your exes to when to pass gas in front of your significant other.

There are a few more comedians like Tiffany Haddish, Billy Sorrells, Deric Evans, and Monica Majesty on the ‘Expert’ panel giving some hilarious advice!

While this show is no longer airing, you may still find clips online.

Teacher’s Cell Phone Policy Creates the Best April Fool’s Day Prank!

Now this is funny!

April Fools Prank on Teacher


I know April Fool’s has past this year, but I thought somebody could use a laugh! A teacher’s cell phone policy requires students to turn the speakerphone on if someone calls them during class. One young lady used this to her advantage to create the perfect prank with the help of a friend on the other line.

Watch the video below to see the most awkward and hilarious conversation to take place in the classroom…

Would you believe this?

Kandi Burress and Todd Tucker Make It Official! They’s Married Now!

Kandi Burress can officially say, “I’s married now!”

Via Instagram.com/KandiBurress
Via Instagram.com/KandiBurress

The singer and Real Housewives of Atlanta star tied the knot with her beau, Todd Tucker yesterday evening. The two were introduced by co-star Phaedra Parks during the fourth season of the show after she was told that she would meet her husband during the ladies’ infamous trip to Africa.

The ceremony took place in Atlanta and guest were expected to wear purple. Some of the BRIDEmaids bridesmaids included fellow Xscape member Tameka “Tiny” Harris, rapper and Love and Hip Hop star Rasheeda Frost, singer Fantasia, and of course lady cupid Phaedra Parks.

Kandi_Burress_Wedding Rehearsal

I’m so proud of Mama Joyce! She let Kandi and Todd get married in peace!

At least that’s what I am hoping.

Via StraightFromTheA.com

According to Straight From the A, the may have been some drama a few days before the wedding:

Mama Joyce was there and actually walked Kandi down the aisle. While I’ve heard Mama Joyce threw up her hands in disgust when asked ‘who gives this bride,’ at least she walked away without a confrontation and allowed the wedding to proceed…

A few things I’ve ‘heard’ along the way… Todd’s mom got into it with Mama Joyce a few days before the wedding and reportedly called her a messy b*tch.  I’m not sure if the in-laws cleared the air before Kandi finally walked down the aisle, but I do know that Kandi and Todd did finally say ‘I do’ and it’s a done deal.

I mean…there’s always going to be drama at a wedding. Trust me, there was plenty at mine. All that matters is the two people making the commitment to each other.

Not too much was revealed due to the wedding being recorded for another spin-off for Kandi on Bravo. It is expected to air later  this year.

Congrats to the couple. I hope you two have many years together!